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Snow Storms and No School and Ice, Oh My!

I am a kid at heart.  As an adult, even before I had children I can remember getting up in the morning on a snowy day and being happy for the kids who didn’t have school due to the weather.  I don’t know why it pleased me so much.  Maybe it was the fun that I imagined the kids having or maybe it was the fact that the world had to slow down and step out of the routine or most likely it is the fact that nature doesn’t go by man’s schedule.

God ordained man to take care of the earth… to be a good steward of it… to be “green.”  Jesus may have had power over nature but we as men can only be stewards of it…. It puts us in our place whether it be changing a precious schedule, creating unexpected and much needed family time,  humbling humanity as we watch pain and heartache from destruction or standing in awe at the beauty of a snow and ice covered scene….
I’m hoping for the storm to arrive.. a few inches of snow, a cup of hot chai tea latte and kids snuggled in their beds… I’m watching and waiting and thankful for the beauty of nature in all of its forms…..

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Posted by on January 27, 2009 in Faith


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