Osmond Flashback… I’m a little bit American Idol…

29 Jan

I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock n’ roll .. I’m a little bit Memphis n’ Nashville, With a little bit of Motown in my soul….

Okay, I’m admitting it… My name is Nancy and I am a recovering Osmond fan.  In my tween years I fell into the later years of the the Osmond era…the era that focused on Donny and Marie… I became a fan of purple (Donny’s Favorite) I knew every word to their songs, knew all the brother’s names and trivial bits of info about each one, had the dolls and the stage…

American Idol tonight brought back those memories when an Osmond’s son, Allan’s son, to be exact, auditioned.  I’m not so sure my girls will get on the Osmond bandwagon but I’d vote for him.

Greg the Rabbit also might get my vote… I know, I know… He didn’t really audition and his friend that he was rooting on didn’t make it to the next round…but how cool would it be to always have a 6 foot pink rabbit as your personal cheerleader? I wonder if the pink bunny’s buddy made it through to Hollywood if the Grabbit would get to tag along?  If I had a Greg the Rabbit I would name him Osmond… and he’d be purple.


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