Kiss me … I’m Awkward… Happy Awkward Moments Day

18 Mar

st_patricks_031_01If you’re not Irish, not a beer drinker or don’t happen to have a green piece of clothing in your wardrobe then March 17th kind of leaves you feeling like you are missing out. But I have a solution! St. Patrick’s Day has held the limelight for so long that people have totally overlooked the next great March holiday… Awkward Moments Day!  March 18th is day to revel in your foot in the mouth, blushing, heart-racing, awkward moments… I think most of us have something to celebrate on that day.  I know I do..How about this one? Falling down the steps at Rupp Arena… rolling, rolling, rolling all the way down ..or how about this?  Totally forgetting something or about something only to later experience that  awkward moment because of the forgetfulness……

Okay, here’s my story.. when you move into a new place you want to make a good impression.  So I was invited to a new friend’s house to scrapbook while our girls swam in the backyard pool.  We’ll days before I had gone to a store and being an outlet type store it had name brand undies that were branded “irregular.”   I couldn’t imagine that it was anything but maybe a wrong color thread so for the great bargain price  I bought them.  So on this day of scrapbooking I was chatting with my new friend in her kitchen when she went out to check on the girls and I went back to my scrapbooking space.  As I was walking I felt something on my leg.  At first I thought maybe it was a spider or something so I shooed it away but as I swiped at the “bug” I felt some fabric.  I grabbed it only to be amused at the fact that a sock was caught in my shorts and had made it’s way well below my knee cap for all to see.  I grabbed it and giggled as I thought of this funny story to tell my new friend but as I grabbed it and pulled I realized that it wasn’t releasing itself and I thought it must be caught so I pulled harder.  It was at this moment that I totally realized that this was no sock ……… was my irregular underwear.  The seam had a bit of dry rot I suppose and completely fell apart… but only one leg.  I quickly fled to the bathroom to fix it and found out that fixing it wasn’t even an option.. the only choice was to discard it.  As if that wasn’t awkward enough… there is more… I didn’t know how to get rid of the underwear. There was a dirty clothes hamper right there in front of me but I knew better.  There was an almost empty trash can, but how weird would that be to find a pair of unknown panties in the trash can in your own home’s basement bathroom… awkward… So I did what anyone else would have done…. I stuck it in my pocket and though I was a bit uncomfortable, tried to finish up my time there as if nothing had happened.forgetful

On our way home that afternoon, I was nearly on empty so I stopped to get gas. I filled it up, went in to pay and while rummaging through my pants for change felt something weird in my pocket.  I thought to myself, “What is this?”  At that moment, while waiting to pay for my gas I reached into my pocket and pulled out, in front of everyone behind the counter and in line at the Shell station, my irregular underwear!  I was mortified… totally awkward moment!

Why is it that we forget so easy?  After feeling so awkward about the fact that I had to put my undies in my pocket, why on earth did I not remember that they were there?

I guess the whole forgetting this is pretty common… in the Bible I’ve been reading for some time about the Israelites who are constantly being saved by God but yet they continually forget about what he has done for them.  They gripe and complain, rebel and disobey all because they aren’t thinking back and therefore aren’t reminded of what God has done for them already.  What he has given them …

What have you stuffed in your pocket?  Give yourself an opportunity to remember what God has done in your life.

By the way, I’d love to hear it.

Happy Awkward Moments Day!

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