No More No Bake Cookies!!

01 Feb

Three things I remember about school lunches…

  • Chili must be served with an orange half
  • Friday is fish day (although that changed somewhere in my school years)
  • No bake cookies are delicious

No bake cookies are delicious and with peanut butter and oats they are practically health food! (I’m justifying here)  It is winter, cold and laid back at our house.. No bake cookies are the health food/comfort food of choice so I made a double batch.  My daughter went to get one tonight and said, “What?? There is only one left!??!!”  My husband said, “I’ve not even had one.”  Whatever I was doing at the moment I did it with greater intensity and focus and chewed that no bake cookie in my mouth faster.  I was guilty.  No, I didn’t completely eat two batches of cookies by myself….. although I have no doubt that I could have easily done so… I had little helpers but it was definitely a reminder of how easily I fall to temptation that seems so innocent.  What could possibly be wrong with no bake cookies?  Nothing really with a couple, but with 76 we are talking about overdoing for sure…

My lesson- No bake cookies are not for making and having in the house.  They are to be taken to Super Bowl Parties and game nights, etc…. If it is tempting then I need to keep it away from me.. that is the lesson learned

I am so happy that the Super Bowl is tomorrow night… wonder what I should  take to the party?? I hope I have enough peanut butter…………..

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