Moses P. Diddy Hall saw his shadow today…

02 Feb

I’ve always been curious to know… If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow in Punxsutawney, PA does that affect me where I live?… Does Phil speak for a whole nation?? Can it not be that if Phil sees his little groundhog shadow in Pennsylvania then more winter is predicted for Pennsylvania and not anywhere else.  To me that only makes sense….

We don’t happen to have a groundhog lying around the house but we do have Moses P. Diddy Hall.  Otherwise known as Moe, our family dog.  He is similar in size to a groundhog and has about the same cuteness factor, so I figured he could represent the southern part of the US… or at least Kentucky… well, maybe Lexington… okay, just our house, but if Moe and Phil are on the same page then I am convinced that Phil can be a groundhog that speaks for a whole nation. However, if they weren’t in agreement to the coming weather then Phil is on his own in the future…

Moses P. Diddy Hall stepped out on the porch… Punxsutawney Phil stepped out of this cage.(are you feeling the tension?) On the back porch Moe’s shadow edged into the yard… In Pennsylvania, Phil saw his shadow once again…There is more winter to be seen at our house and in Pennsylvania so we’ll just say that means winter for the entire nation..

Moe did his Groundhog Day job and I’m proud of him,  but since he and his groundhog counterpart saw eye to eye then Moe is released of his duties of weather prediction from this day forward…I guess maybe this proves that groundhogs are a weatherman’s best friend. …

punxsutawney-phil2 img_0454

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