Summer? Did someone say vacation? I didn’t think so… Part 1,

10 Sep

classroomWhen I was a child movies and TV always seemed to make it look as if teachers would always want a report about your summer when you returned to school.

“Class, your first assignment is a two page report on,’What I did this summer.'”

Well, that little assignment just may be  exactly what the media propaganda people need to further their argument about it’s affect on society because I waited year after year for that assignment and it never happened.   My teachers never asked for that report of my summer and I always felt that I was missing something ….. deep down I wanted to be able to tell about  it (However, I’m sure if it would have been assigned I would have balked at the whole project) But nonetheless,  so much can happen in a few short months and I am going to take advantage of this opportunity to catch up,  get back into the swing of things and share my summer with anyone who wants to read about it…. including former teachers.

So here is what I did this summer-


(Insert Awkward Silence)


Yep, that’s right…I did nothing….

Now before those who write my paycheck begin to scratch my name off of the payroll … let me explain….

I did nothing outstanding, nothing noteworthy, nothing overly interesting but yet my summer was extremely busy, full and lively and I lived, learned and was reminded of  a lot.

Things like-

  • I am a Loser…. (No need to jump to defend-I’m okay with it- Matthew 16:25)
  • Stories can get SO turned around
  • We all seem to jump with our emotions (I know I can be guilty of that)
  • Friends are priceless ..(particularly when you are stressed)
  • ugly dogs can be cute…
  • Everyone has daily challenges but some are far greater than I could ever know
  • You don’t have to do the “same old thing”
  • Inward is easier than outward… and outward isn’t always comfortable
  • Children need incredible role models
  • Fame will kill you… or at least fame and a heart for fame
  • Most likely when you die people will say nice things about you… even if they thought you were terrible
  • Waiting to say something nice about someone until after they die is a shame
  • A monkey is not a farm animal
  • Enjoying creativity has its advantages and disadvantages
  • Comfortable (though I love a comfy pair of  P.J’s ) is not always good
  • Fun doesn’t have to be expensive
  • Fresh air, fresh popcorn and a movie are a summer delight
  • My dog talks… sort of
  • and so much more….

Amazing how nothing can be filled with so much something… where do I begin to explain?

Hang on for part 2….

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